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hotels heathrow

Book heathrow hotels with free parking and save. An overnight stay at a hotel near Heathrow with free parking can work out cheaper than just paying for airport parking.

Click here to compare the cost of Heathrow hotels and save up to 70%

For example, the cheapest airport parking for 7 days costs from around £50, or £95 for a 14 day stay. Yet a double room at an airport hotel costs from £65 or less (depending on the time of year) including 15 days free parking.

So, an overnight stay at an airport hotel and a relaxing 10 minute journey to the airport can cost as little as an extra £10 - £15 for a 7 day break and is usually cheaper than parking for a holiday of 10 days or more.

Read this 60 second primer to make sure you get the best deal on a heathrow hotel (or click here to visit our one click quotes page to quickly compare the cost of all airport hotels across all suppliers.)

Whether you want the Comfort, Quality, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza or any other hotel near Heathrow, we've teamed up with some great websites to bring you the widest choice at the lowest prices - offering savings of up to 70% - with a best price guarantee.

Hotels heathrow

There is a wide choice of hotels near Heathrow. Holiday Extras offer up to 35, APH 15, FHR 15 and Superbreak 35. To make sure you get the lowest price on your airport hotel you need to take some time and shop around.

If you want a room at a specific type of hotel, click on one of the buttons above to find out about every 3 star, 4 star or 5 star airport hotel near Heathrow.

If you want a family room, click on the 'family rooms' link, pick a hotel and then go to the appropriate 'star' page to find out who offers that hotel. If you have no idea which hotel you want, read on....

Holiday Extras (click on the name to jump to the website) offer a choice of up to 35 hotels at discounted rates either at or near Heathrow Airport.

Their rates range from less than £44 for one night in a double room at the Heathrow Comfort (room only) to one night at the Sofitel 5 star heathrow airport hotel from £119 (including 15 days free parking).

A standard room at the Crowne Plaza, Marriott or one of the Holiday Inn hotels at £60 - £90 a night (depending on the time of year) are the most popular bookings made via this website.

(Note: you can book via Holiday Extras 'off-line' - by telephoning 0871 360 2110)

To make sure you get the best deal, compare the prices at Holiday Extras with APH Hotels (again click on the name to jump to the website), especially if you are looking for a family room.

APH's prices usually start slightly below Holiday Extras - particularly for the Holiday Inn and room only rates at the Premier Inn. They also regularly feature family rooms at at great prices.

(Note: you can book hotels via APH 'off-line' - by telephoning 0844 811 7436)

FHR Hotels - offer less choice than Holiday Extras but they do have hotels with up to 21 days free airport parking, again at excellent prices.

(Note: you can book with FHR 'off-line' by telephoning 08444 122 902)

Superbreak Hotels - are a UK hotels website with a great Heathrow hotel section - including some not offered by the other three - they also offer a wider choice of room types, including single rooms. They are particularly cheap for 'room only' (without airport parking).

But note that Superbreak quote prices on a per person basis not per room and if you want a hotel with parking make sure the parking is included in the description. If it is not in the description, it is not included.

We recommend that you search for a heathrow hotel in the following order:

Click here to visit our one click quotes page to quickly compare the cost of all airport hotels across all suppliers, or visit each of the companies separately: Holiday Extras (widest choice) then APH (cheapest prices) then FHR (good prices) then Superbreak (hotels not offered by the other 3) then book!

The whole process should take no more than 20 minutes. Good luck and enjoy your stay.


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